Svietidlo TAXI TMGN-V

Strešné svietidlo TAXI TMGN-V

Svietidlo TMGN-V

Väčšia verzia TAXI svietidla TMGN

Zväčšená verzia strešného TAXI svietidla TMGN pre potreby výraznejšieho efektu na streche vozidla.

The utility value of this product is increased by the use of LED modules for backlight, which means maintenance-free operation with minimal current consumption.

Thanks to the extra-strong neodymium magnet, the product weighs only 0.60 kg!

Impact resistance in a type test has shown that our product has no problem with resistance to the prescribed overload of 6 g.

The TMGN-V light is also available in the Color and ACCU versions and with custom stickers and cover colors also required by Driving schools, Pizza and other delivery services.

Strešné svietidlo Autoškola
Strešné svietidlo Rozvoz pizze
Technical information
Rozmery:Š 34 x V 12 x H 15 cm
Material housing:PMMA
Fixing:Magnetic fixing – 12 pcs. neodym magnets
Illumination:3 x LED module Epistar cool white
Working voltage:12 V
Power consumption:1,44 W
Connection:Cable or CINCH connector
Available colors:White, Yellow, Red, Blue or any color on customer request
Stickers TAXI:Negative or positive, Any on customer request

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