Svietidlo TAXI TMGN-VD

Strešné svietidlo TAXI TMGN-VD

Svietidlo TMGN-VD

Strešné svietidlo určené pre Dánsky trh

Upravené verzia strešného TAXI svietidla TMGN-V, ktorú sme vyvinuli špeciálne podľa predpisov a požiadaviek dánskej legislatívy pre dánske TAXI služby.

The utility value of this product is increased by the use of LED modules for backlight, which means maintenance-free operation with minimal current consumption.

Thanks to the extra-strong neodymium magnet, the product weighs only 0.60 kg!

Impact resistance in a type test has shown that our product has no problem with resistance to the prescribed overload of 6 g.

The TMGN-VD light is also available in the ACCU version.

Technical information
Rozmery:Š 34 x V 12 x H 15 cm
Material housing:PMMA
Fixing:Magnetic fixing – 12 pcs. neodym magnets
Illumination:3 x LED module Epistar cool white
Working voltage:12 V
Power consumption:1,44 W
Connection:Cable or CINCH connector
Stickers TAXI:Green with yellow or white writting

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