Svietidlo TAXI TMGN

Strešné svietidlo TAXI TMGN

Svietidlo TMGN

Osvedčené a najpoužívanejšie svietidlo TAXI

Naše svietidlá TAXI klasického aerodynamického tvaru a kompaktného dizajnu sú dobre známe v celej Európe. Ich výhodou je LED podsvietenie, veľmi kvalitný plastový kryt a praktické uchytenie neodymovými magnetmi.

Cena: 55,00 EUR bez DPH / 66,00 EUR s DPH

The utility value of this product is increased by the use of LED strips for backlighting, meaning maintenance-free operation with minimal current consumption – saves your car battery and fuel. The use of new super magnets has reduced the weight of the product to 0.46 kg! The cover is made of high quality, very durable and sun & frost resistant plastics.

At the same time, the retaining force has increased significantly. The tests performed have shown that our product has no problem with the resistance to the prescribed overload of 6 g.

According to customer requirements, TAXI roof lights come in various colors and designs.

Svietidlo TAXI TMGN cinch
Technical information
Rozmery:Š 28,9 x V 10 x H 13 cm
Hmotnosť:460 gr
Material housing:PMMA
Fixing:Magnetic fixing – 10 pcs. neodym magnets
Illumination:2 x LED module Epistar cool white
Working voltage:12 V
Power consumption:0,96 W
Connection:Cable or CINCH connector
Available colors:White, Yellow, Red, Blue or any color on customer request
Stickers TAXI:Negative or positive, Any on customer request

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